Staple Line-Up

Wind Hammer White IPA

This white IPA is cross between a Belgian Wit, and American IPA. It is generously hopped like and IPA and a good percentage of wheat malt, and spices added like a Wit, including Coriander, Orange and Lemon peel and a touch of Juniper Berries harvested from central Oregon.

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round

Deceptihop Imperial IPA

Massive tropical, citrus, and melon hop character doing battle with huge smooth malt sweetness. Deceptively drinkable for such a massive beer. Beware of the Deceptihop! It will transform you.

9% ABV    |    100 IBU    |    Available Year Round

Delusions of Grandeur

This Session IPA Is an example of a beer that pathologically suffers Delusions of Grandeur, in the best way possible. It is a low gravity beer, (essentially meaning low in alcohol content) that packs the flavor of a big and much more alcoholic IPA. A very complex malt bill and some “out there” brewing techniques were utilized to give this beer a smooth velvety malt sweetness to balance out an aromatic hop presence bursting with tropical fruits, citrus, melon, stone fruit, and a hint of cedar and pine.

4% ABV    |    40 IBU    |    Available Year Round

Easy Amber

What can we say that a name doesn’t already? This beer goes down incredibly easy with a crisp malt and very slight hop.  An easy drinker that you can have in hand all day.

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round

Blue Mountain Blonde

Like the crisp air of the nearby Blue Mountains, this beer is light and very refreshing.  Brewed with Northwest premium 2 row malts and balanced nicely with English & German style hops.  It will lighten your day and boost your spirits.  Pairs nicely with any of our food items. Bill likes it with our Buffalo Tacos Basket

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round

Dads Yer Uncle  

What is a Dunkel….besides when your dad is your uncle? Well take a sip! This german dark lager is full of sweet and bready malt flavors with a touch of Chocolate and toffee.

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round

Hop Uff DA

This Bold Aromatic American Style IPA packs such a hop punch it will cause any good Norwegian to proclaim “UFF-DA! That’s a hoppy one” This legend leads with a smooth bitterness with great citrus and tropical fruit aroma from massive Dry Hopping

6.8% ABV    |    75 IBU    |    Available Year Round

Mud Duck

This is imperial oatmeal stout is a Beast of a beer! Packed with flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, dried fruit & balanced with a gentle pleasing English hop character.  The huge thick mouthful achieved with generous helping of flaked and rolled oats  in the mash-tun.   Pairs well with a steak or prime rib sandwich

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round

Farm City Pilsner

What discipline should you drink? Pilsner dates back to 1812 in the Czech city of Pizen.  It is the original clear light colored beer.  Just like the original our Farm City Pils is brewed with the finest Czech saaz hops and pilsner malt.  It was cold fermented to create a beer that is crisp, complex and well-rounded with a refreshing finish

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round

Oi! Porter

Brewed in the traditional British style, this medium dark ale is complex with a rich chocolate caramel malt character, Enhanced with roasted coconut in the mash & boil , followed with an addition of Madagascar vanilla beans soaked in bourbon.  Lightly hopped with Magnum & Saaz hops this beer will stimulate your palate and the flavors will just keep coming. Great with steak, or ribs.

# ABV    |    # IBU    |    Available Year Round


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