Congratulations to Cory  and Bonnie  for winning the Super Bowl Party.

They have won a rack of Ribs, Pizza, Bacon Wrapped Fries and order of Wings.  They will get two choose what two beers they will want in their growlers.  Thank you all who participated. 

Remember to order your super bowl party food early. 

We open at 11am to kick off party starts at 3pm. 


How to enter to win a 2017 Super Bowl Party.  Come in during the play off games during halftime and receive a

raffle ticket.  Halftime prizes you could win are Hats, Gift Cards, Growlers and more. All entries will be put in for the Grand Prize Super bowl Party. 

We are proud to introduce our New 1/3 Ground Chuck Burgers.  These burgers are amazing full of flavor with this New Cream Ale Beer Bun.  The bun itself is made from the beer-wort and makes a great tasting one of a kind bun. The ground chuck here as always amazing and very juicy.  Come in and get yours now.


We have a new 2 go side Nookie’s Curb side service. Catering and Party Packs available Call 541-701-1224 

Look at menu for details or check out our face book page

Nookie’s 2 Go Curb-side service special is a free soda with every entree purchase. Call in your order drive up on the North side of the building infront of the big window. We will bring it out to you. Curb-side starts at 5pm. Call: 541-701-1224


We have several new items on our menu. If you don’t seem one of your favorites listed just ask the server and see if it’s been kept on our off menu.


Announcement *** Regarding Important information***

We will no longer be able to accept Certificates dated after January 8th, 2016. We are separating ourselves from this business. If you have purchased a certificate after this date, please contact at or 1-877-640-1844 to have your money refunded.  If you have any questions please contact us at 541-289-7414 and ask for Monica or Janea.  If you are interested in purchasing gift certificates directly from us please ask your server or give us a call.

Come get it at its freshest!

Studies have show vibration positively effects yeast health, so in the interest of keeping my Yeasties in the barrel happy and healthy I have instated a regimen of rocking them out periodically!! Get ready for some punked up barrel beers. Hopefully it doesn’t get too metallic!



Getting ready for fall with some lager brewing. Our newest lager is in the fermentor, Dads ur Unkle, Munich Dunlkel! Hermiston is in for some dark malty goodness soon! Up soon to the brew schedule, the return of du-dah Doppelbock!


Tom Tørresdal


Come join us at the Great Pacific tonight in Pendleton! I’ll be putting seven of our beers on tap and available to wax-poetic about my bubbly creations creations!